Family Services of the North Shore is an accredited, not-for-profit, community-based organization. For sixty years, we have provided education, support, and counselling to heal and connect the North Shore community. 
The Agency serves three municipalities: the City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, the District of West Vancouver, as well as the Village of Lions Bay, and Bowen Island. We also lead the provincial work in the prevention of eating disorders.

Our annual budget is now close to 3.7 million of which one third or 1.3 million is fundraised.  We actively work with our donors, funders, community partners and corporate donors to ensure the sustainability of effective and cost-efficient programs.

Our vision is a connected community where people care for one another. We annually serve close to 7400 individuals and families through a broad range of social services to children, youth, adults, couples, and families from a diverse array of cultural and economic backgrounds.

Our annual and donor reports highlight our work.

Our exceptional standards of service, core values of respect, integrity, community and growth, strategic plan, professional staff, and close to 350  volunteers ensure a caring, progressive agency.