Clinical Client Rights & Responsibilities

You have the right to:

  • Be treated fairly, honestly, and respectfully by all staff without regard to race, culture, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs or socio-economic status
  • Privacy and confidentiality, except for legal and ethical limitations, or when you have given informed consent to obtain or release information
  • Be considered the expert in your own life experience
  • Access to your personal information in your confidential file by appointment
  • Information about services prior to beginning a program
  • Inquire about the qualifications, training and experience of our staff
  • Express complaints about services by speaking to your counsellor.  If you are not comfortable speaking to your counsellor directly, you may speak to the Program Manager, the Clinical Director or the Executive Director.  If your complaint is not resolved, you may make a written complaint.  A full copy of the complaint process is available from your counsellor or reception.




You have the responsibility to:

  • Supply information reasonably requested to allow staff to assist you in determining service needs and in developing and carrying out your plan
  • Be actively involved in all aspects of your services
  • Inform staff of any medical condition, disability or cultural need that requires our awareness or accommodation in providing service
  • Treat others with fairness, honesty and respect, including maintaining the privacy of other clients
  • Inform us if you are unable to attend an appointment or will be late.  For fee-based services, 24 hours notice of cancellation is required or the regular fee will be charged.
  • Let us know if your address or telephone number has changed
  • Let us know if you no longer choose to participate in services