Child Parent Relationship Therapy

Child Parent Relationship Therapy

A unique training group for parents of kids ages 3-9 years

Why is Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPR-T) so unique?

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPR-T) empowers parents to make lasting change in their relationship with their child! This is an exciting and unique approach to parenting. It is based on the principle that play is the child's language. Play is so universally important to children because it is the most natural way that they communicate: it is instinctive and developmentally necessary. Where adults talk about their experiences, thoughts and feelings, children use toys and play to explore their understanding of the world and relationships to express what they think and how they feel. Play gives children a way to communicate feelings they do not understand or cannot express any other way.

Play therapy is an effective intervention for children with a variety of behavioural and emotional difficulties. We believe in sharing these skills to empower parents in shifting and improving their relationship with their child. Research has shown that motivated parents can be trained to be as effective as child therapists using play therapy skills with their own children, with as little as 20 hours of Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPR-T) Training.

What happens when parents understand their child's play language?

Research studies show that Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPR-T) Therapy can:

  • Enhance the parent-child relationship
  • Increase children’s self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improve confidence in your parenting skills and role
  • Respond effectively to your child’s needs
  • Improve child’s ability to accept and respect limits

How does it work?

Parents learn through instruction, role play, practice, and supervision. They are taught how to enhance the child-caregiver relationship by using the CPR-T Toy Kit (provided) in weekly 30 minute scheduled play times at home with their child.

After practicing and implementing the new learning, parents gain a greater understanding of their child.  They learn to communicate more effectively with their child, regain control as a parent by setting therapeutic limits, and assist their child in developing better self-control. The child has a different experience of being with their parent and makes discoveries that they are capable, important, understood and accepted—just as they are. How a child feels about his/herself makes a significant difference in their behaviour. Parent/child relationships improve!

About your facilitators:

Facilitators, I-Ki Atkin (left) and Erin Bruchet (right) have spent many hours in the play room, supporting children and their parents to better manage emotional challenges.  With training and experience grounded strongly in the child-centered play therapy perspective, both Erin and I-Ki have come to see the most effective way to support children is to empower parents and share important relationship-strengthening skills.  As mothers, they understand the joyful and at times very daunting ride of parenthood.


I-Ki Atkin and Erin Bruchet are Registered Clinical Counsellors (R.C.C.)

More About the Group:

CPR-T group meets once a week for 10 weeks; meetings are at Family Services of the North Shore; each group session is 2 hours long. Parents are from across the North Shore and have at least one child between the ages of 3-9 years. The atmosphere of the group is friendly and accepting, and the training is interactive, making it enjoyable and interesting.

This is a well-established, well-researched program in North America and was formulated by internationally renowned play therapist Dr. Garry Landreth (see interview here) and is based on filial therapy (family-based play therapy) by Drs. Bernard and Louise Guerney (interview here).

When:       Tuesdays, January 19 - April 5, 2015 (No class during March break)   12:30 to 2:30pm

Cost: $475   Group benefit plans may cover full or portion, sliding scale fee is available.

Contact: Erin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 604 988-5281 ext. 307 for more information.

A free intake session is necessary to see if this is a good fit for you. Space is limited. Read More...